Friday, 3 August 2018

How to Restore Deleted/Lost Unsaved Excel Files

How to Restore Deleted/Lost Unsaved Excel Files

Due to a sudden power failure, Excel not responding unexpectedly, accidentally closed a file or some other unknown reasons for deleting an Excel file that you spent too much time working on it. That is frustrating. 

Well, don’t panic because there are a few ways you can recover unsaved Excel files before you start again from scratch.

Method 1: AutoSave and Auto Recovery options 

Microsoft Office has AutoSave and Auto Recovery options that allow you to rescue your deleted or lost unsaved excel file. However many people don't know how to use them or that they even exist. 

Configure the AutoRecover Settings in Excel 

Here is how to enable AutoRecover and AutoSave to protect your Excel File: 

1. Open MS Excel File 

2. Click the File tab. 

3. Under Help, click Options

4. Click Save

5. Make sure both “Save AutoRecover information every X minutes” and “Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving” are checked. You can also keep the autorecover duration to the smallest to make sure every file is saved. 

Save AutoRecover information every i minutes

6. Click on OK 

Recover unsaved Excel file 

Microsoft Office also creates a temporary file folder on the Windows system and when you accidentally deleted/lost an unsaved Excel files, you can try to retrieve them from the temporary folder: 

Temporary folder location (in your PC): 

C:\Users\Shobi Imran\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\ 

Default file location

Open that folder, select and open unsaved Excel file. Now you can save it anywhere as a new file.


Method 2: Write One Line Code 

If you want to save your excel file automatically then write only one line code before start working on it. 
How to write a Code 

1. Open MS Excel File 

2. Press Alt+F11, visual basic file will open 

3. On the left side, right click on “ThisWorkbook” and select “View Code” 

View Code

4. In General, select “Workbook” and In Declarations, select “BeforeClose” from drop down list. 
Choose BeforeClose option
5. Delete last two lines. 

delete the lines

6. In the second line write “” and the close this visual basic file 

use save option in activeworkbook

save option is displayed here

7. Now work on your excel file and close this file without saving 

8. Wow…..your work is saved (Not to worry if your file is accidently deleted/lost) 

Method 3: File Recovery Software 

File recovery software helps to recover unsaved, deleted or lost unsaved Excel files for free with just a few simple clicks. You can simply download, install the Office file recovery software and follow the guidelines to recover your lost Excel files.